Daniel Wade

I’m inspired by the abilities of the senses to guide our everyday journey, externally and internally towards optimum health and effortless balance. I believe in and practice the power of touch; connecting all of the11 senses holistically to interweave into every treatment, because not only does a massage feel great but it works to benefit the physical systems and the mental faculties of your whole being.

Every treatment with me is centered on your primary and secondary needs. I blend together Complimentary Alternative Medicine (CAM) with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) into a powerful fusion that helps create long-lasting restoration, rehabilitation, and relaxation for every patient.

My mission is to spread awareness for the many benefits gained by having a massage, to make this mission successful I work with you to develop a treatment plan unique to your wellness goals. Then we can make time for assessments and feedback to insure that you are getting exactly what you what as well as what you need. Whether you’re looking for physical body work, an energy-based working of your problems, or a dynamic fusion of both – I will make the space and time for you to get out of your stresses and into your zone of total relaxation.

You are welcome to book a treatment with me. I’m looking forward to connecting with you during a vibrant session.

Yours in Health, Daniel


  • Occupational Therapy
  • Massage Therapy, The Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences, New York, NY
  • Licensed Massage Therapist, NY, USA
  • Anatomy & physiology, neurology, cardiology, kinesiology, pathology, clinical laboratory, hospice & hospital externships, and major sports events.

My everyday life is lived as a poet and a dad, an astrologer and alchemist, and I practice calisthenics, Taoist meditation, qigong, yoga, basketball, and chess. I love music, hiking and adventures out in nature.

Before working full time as a massage therapist I was a freelance fragrance specialist for luxury boutiques in Los Angeles and New York, and once upon a time I hosted and djed on the radio.



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