Pia Nuñes

who am I?

My name is Pia and I'm a Physical Education teacher from Placha Ancha University, Chile. During mid 2018 I began working as a massage therapist in Denmark.  

My main motivation for obtaining a career as a massage therapist, was to start working with something close to my educational field, and as I began working as a wellness massage therapist my motivations shifted to exploring new ways to obtain pain/stress relief for my clients. 

The aspect I'm most interested in is the mixing of biomechanics of the body and various pain relief techniques, including stretching and deep pressure. 


You should book a session with me because I will always do my absolute best to improve and ease the movement of your body. I have been an athlete since early childhood, so I do know a thing or two about all the unpleasantness following a very active lifestyle. 

I will begin every session with a short conversation in order to gain a better understanding of how I should personally tailor your treatment. Every treatment and session with me is centered on your personal needs, and I will always be able to guide you to deep relaxation and improved mobility of your body. If you come to me with a specific pain related, biomechanical or muscular issue, I will locate the stem of your bodily issue and give you a plan for what to do next. 

In the beginning of the massage, you should expect to feel some uncomfortable pressure in the problematic spots, however, you will shortly after start to feel how your body begin to loosen up and you will feel less and less pain. By the end of your treatment you should be able to return to normal mobility.

You are more than welcome to book a session with me, and I’m looking forward to meet you. 

Yours truly, Pía. 


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