Daniel Wade portrætHi my name is Daniel. I practice over ten different massage modalities, and my favorite one is Shiatsu. I first began practicing and receiving Shiatsu in 2009 when I was studying for my massage therapy degree in New York. Frequently pushing my body and mind to their limits at that time required that I add something different to my wellness routine other than the usual physical manipulation of my muscles and joints, and hot epsom baths. By adding a regular Shiatsu treatment my health took on deeper and more persevering for

I want to give Shiatsu massages that can help to treat migranes, relieve tension headaches, and address other head realted ailements that indicate stress and fatigue in the body, mind, and spirit.
​*”It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.”


Zen Shiatsu,

Metal-Water-Wood Kata 

Shiatsu Ecotrip400Shiatsu is an acupressure massage originated in Japan. In a Shiatsu session the receiver lies down on a comfortable madress, may wearing loose, stretchable clothing, whilst the practitioner gives the massage using their palms, fingers and thumbs primarily, and elbows, knees, or feet occasionally.

During August, Daniel invites you to receive a shiatsu protocol, known as a kata that will focus on treating head, neck, the back, shoulder girdle and arms. This special kata can help adress the physical, emotional, and mental impacts that makes us feel imbalanced and disconnected from the senses of wholeness and calm.

Shatsu ecotrip head400Reclaiming these vital senses is possible when the energy management systems of our whole-selves are harmonized and refined together by using the traditional Chinese medicine approach which shiatsu facilitates.

Don't miss your opportunity to recalibrate and rebalance your personal well-being. You can give this shiatsu kata as a gift for the special person in your life.


Relief from Chronic Discomfort and dysfunction in the back, shoulders and neck

During this wonderful Shiatsu special for the month I would like to invite anyone that has trouble with chronic conditions affecting the spine, back, shoulder blades, shoulder girdle, and neck to receive a relaxing and therapeutic shiatsu kata treatment.

By following your needs I will build a powerful treatment plan designed to give you tools for your holistic and sustainable relief of chronic issues. I prefer to give Shiatsu on a comfortable floor mat, however if you require to lie on a massage table then we can do that too.

Shiatsu is for everybody, no age limit or medical exclusions. Please wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes, and put on your favorite colors if you want some fun insights.

Looking forward to our meeting.

*”And to the open-handed the search for one who shall receive is joy greater than giving.”

Welcome, Daniel

*quoted passages from The Prophet; chapter On Giving, by Khalil Gibran.


Shiatsu special

  • 45 min. - 395,- (værdi 475,-)