In Ecotrip we love our job, we love to work with people and we love to help others. If it's a sore shoulder, a sprained ankle, stress in everyday life or a broken heart, our team is ready to help you. With a good cocktail of competent and professional therapists with different backgrounds, educations and passions, we have brewed a team to provide the best for you. With a good understanding of the body, its anatomy, physiology and psyche, we meet you wherever you are and tailor a treatment or a treatmentcourse to your needs. We strive to meet every single person wherever they are. And while there are things that can be difficult to put words on, we have an understanding of seeing and hearing what was not even said. We strive to provide our best, it is important for us that you feel comfortable and safe in our clinic. Therefore, our therapists are offered to participate in courses within and outside the clinic's framework. Our therapists are kept up to date with the techniques and methods that are effective right here and now. Which therapist should you choose? It may be difficult to know which therapist suits your temper. Therefore we have tried to make it easy for you. Under therapists, you can read about each therapist's history, education, courses and experiences. If you are still in doubt, we will be happy to help you at the reception.

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