In trendy Guldbergsgade on Nørrebro in Copenhagen lies cozy and notorious

Ecotrip. Ecotrip offers everything in wellness, massage and various forms of therapy.

Ecotrip has a particularly homely atmosphere where we perform all our treatments professionally and presently. We have a holistic and sustainable approach to our work, in which body and mind is perceived as a whole.

If you live with stress, feel depressed or drained of energy, you will most likely experience different types of tension in the body. It's the body's signals to the mind that not everything is as it should be. It can, for example, turn out as headache, muscle cramps, various types of eczema or digestive problems. You may also feel depressed, suffer from sleep problems, experience concentration difficulties or other mental symptoms, that sit in the body and prevent you from living vitally and freely. At Ecotrip we have gathered a group of skilled and professional therapists in various types of massage, psychotherapy, song therapy, acupuncture, sugaring hair removal and facial treatments. Over a number of years, we have accumulated a great deal of experience in this area, and our customers often return. We place emphasis on giving our clients an in-depth treatment that can also be felt after leaving the table. We therefore work in depth and focus on the problem areas.

Based on organic principles, we believe that the effect of a good treatment is enhanced by a healthy and natural lifestyle, and we are pleased to provide you with advice on how to best support your treatments at home.

At Ecotrip we want to create a better everyday life for our clients with regards to nature, why we use only environmentally friendly products in the treatments and in our daily lives. As part of our ecological and sustainable principle, you will also find that not only Ecotrip's products are ecological, but also the entire device in the clinic is second-hand, recycled or fair trade.

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