Deep tissue massage

Feel the treatment long after leaving the table.

Deep tissue massage

Our most popular treatment is an deep tissue massage. Your therapist has a good knowledge of the body's anatomy and physiology and it will be felt in your treatment. Focus is on the problem area, where work is being done in depth. The purpose is to ease and release stagnation that has caused headaches, jaw tension, the beam in the arm, or from the middle back and along the ribs, an ischias that causes you to limp or achilles have become so tender that you are having difficulty get shoes on.

There will be either focus on the entire body as a whole or in a local area. It is judged based on what you tell us about your pain course.

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We love to work in depth and work a bit for the case and you will most likely notice that after leaving the table. In some cases, treatment may be felt the following day, as if you have had a blue mark - and it is completely normal. It's just a sign that stagnations have been loosened and released and that the tissue works to form new healthy muscle cells.