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Listen to your body. - Comfortable, gentle and comfortable oil massage.


One of our popular treatments is wellness massage. In our modern life, a huge focus is on achieving and getting success. This focus also sets the ground for many people's fear of failure. Even though we are deeply aware of and appreciate another way of thinking and living, we experience again and again that we are helping to get the hamster wheel spinning. We are chasing noticeable results, but just forget to exist. With the modern man's lifestyle, we therefore have an additional need to just feel. To give ourselves a break and a time to just beeing.

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At Ecotrip, we therefore strive to ensure that our wellness massage comes from a consciousness of the therapist regarding this particular need. It's about caring, contact, a smile, and long quiet strokes over the body. It is not always that the body needs to be massaged in depth. The body also has an “relax and rewind” need, which often is set aside.


If you briefly allow yourself to stay quiet and listen, your body's signals will tell you what it needs. Often it will talk back to you with a tension, exhaustion, a need to be allowed to let go. With a wellness massage we can help your body to let go and receive pure well-being.

A lot of people get the feeling of irritation - that they will stress over a wellness treatment - not enough is happening! It does not feel like it's useful! At Ecotrip we have learned that this irritation often indicates that the body has come to a stage where it is difficult to slip and relax - it actually needs help. Fortunately, we also experience that more and more Copenhageners become aware of this need. Therefore, our wellness massage has become popular with us. We sincerely hope that you will notice in your body - and listen to what it has to tell you.

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