Hairless with sugaring hair removal

A gentle and effective technique for removing unwanted hair growth.


Ecotrip was one of the first places in Copenhagen to offer sugaring hair removal and has over the years created a large and wide clientele of faithful customers. We offer sugaring both on the legs, arms, back and intimate areas.

Likewise, we have high demand for sugaring in relation to with weddings, parties and when the first rays of sunlight appear in spring or when the water is warm enough for bikini. For many, sugaring is also part of their overall sense of well-being.

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Sugaring hair removal is not just about getting smooth, delicious bars. A treatment with sugaring is as much about discretion. The treatment requires experienced and professional sugaring therapists, who understand the limits of the individual. It is important to build a trust relationship between the therapist and the customer. At Ecotrip we have the necessary understanding, which is one of the reasons why we have regular and faithful customers.

Our customers must be satisfied with the final result and feel hairless for a long time. At Ecotrip, the starting point is an effective and gentle sugaring, but you will often find that your therapist is spending a lot of time checking through and studying the areas where you want hair removal. We do this to ensure the best results. We set high standards for our popular treatment.

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