Organic face treatment

More than just a facial.treat your scin with the best products from green people.

Ecotrips organic face treatment is more than just a facial. We dedicate all our time to pampering while you're on the table. We have chosen to pamper you over the traditional facial treatments. You will as the mask sinks in to moisten your skin, receive a nice and gentle massage of your hands and arms.

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Hands and arms are always neglected and yet we use them all the time, the day long, inappropriate. So when you're still on the table and the mask nevertheless needs to sink in for 20 minutes to get the best effect, we'll give you a nice massage. And furthermore. When your face will receive a nourishing facial serum that regenerates the skin's cellular formation and protects it from free radicals, you'll have a thorough massage of your neck and chest while massaging your face. It's heaven!

A treatment where scalp and face, neck and chest, arms and hands are kept in focus for sheer pampering. Your mind will thank you for it and your body will feel free like the bird.

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