10% to the mother to be and 10% to your unborn child

We have a lot of pregnant women visiting Ecotrip for a pregnancy massage. Our skilled team is trained to give you the best pregnancy massage, regardless of whether you are in the 1st or 3rd trimester of your pregnancy. All therapists have received thorough training in all the discomforts that may occur during pregnancy. Therefore, you can safely book a time for you and your baby and enjoy a relaxing, yet deep treatment that helps you get through the rest of your pregnancy as painless as possible. If you have any discomforts in the lining of your lower back and/or in your legs or feel pain that radiates from the sciatica nerve, unrest and cramps in your legs, you may benefit from a pregnancy massage. If you have nausea, vomiting, fluid in the body, mainly in the legs, this can also be remedied by massage and stimulation of certain acupuncture points.


With our specially designed table there is plenty of room for the stomach. For the best comfort, the table will be adjusted to you, wherever you are in your pregnancy and you will finally be able to rest on your stomach.

Only organic and hormon free products

We use ONLY organic and clean products in our treatments. Absolutely without chemistry, hormone-destructive and allergenic ingredients.
Read more about pregnancy massage and what discomforts in the various trimesters we can help you with.
We offer 20% discount to all pregnant women from pregnancy week 32 and up to a successfully completed birth. 

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