At Ecotrip we give you a study discount. We find that many students come with different symptoms, but at the same time find it difficult to get the SU to last. Our study discount will help you to get through the study without too many neck strains.

After several hours in Copenhagen reading rooms and libraries, in front of your computer or lectures at the university, the muscles in the body become rigid and tense. The constant tension in the muscles can result in accumulation and stagnation of waste in problem areas such as neck and lower back. This stagnation in the muscles causes the muscles to not get oxygenated and discomfort occurs. The discomfort may be felt in the form of pain and soreness, muscle fatigue, decreased mobility and/or headache and nausea.

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With physiological massage in the form of stroke and deep pressure, blood circulation increases in the area and loosens stagnation so that the blood can flow again and oxygenation to the muscle is restored.

At Ecotrip we know that both intensive studies and preparation for the exam often result in extensive pressure from both teachers, fellow students, the home front and, most importantly, from yourself. This pressure stresses the body and can make the whole situation uncontrollable and frustrating. Instead of suppressing your symptoms to perform even more, it is important to reduce the stress level in your body so that the load does not get too big. Here, physiurgical massage as well as wellness massage can help reduce the level of stress in the body.

The exam is the well-prepared student's party. However, preparation can be complicated by lack of focus and concentration, which can be expressed in “writers blocks” or skip actions. Acupuncture and reflexology can help restore balance in mind and body so that you can focused and targeted get the specialty done with enough excess to celebrate it.

At Ecotrip, we really want to help you students get through your studies. Our study discount therefore provides a 10% discount on all treatments in the clinic. Redemptive to the body and a boost to the small gray brain cells.

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