Facial treatment with derma roller

Facial treatment with derma roller

dermarollerA dermaroll of 500 tiny little needles gathered on a small roll is pulled over the face. The needles penetrate the skin to create billions of tiny trauma in the deeper layers of skin - completely without destroying the top protective layer. These small trauma increase blood flow in the skin, so the tissue is oxygenated and nourished, collagen and elastin production increases, resulting in a tighter, thicker and more flexible skin.

If we have too little collagen in the skin, it may have an effect on fine lines and wrinkles.

What is the dermaroll good for?

  • an increase in collagen production contributes to a tighter, smoother and thicker skin.
  • fine lines and wrinkles are reduced after just a few treatments.
  • scarred skin after for instance acne decreases significantly. Dermarolls is not used in case of acne in outbreak, as bacteria on the skin will infect other areas.
  • remedies hyperpigmentation due to overproduction of melanin in the skin.
  • Rosacea can be remedied with the dermaroll. – We do not treat rosacea in outbreak.

- can remedy stretch marks.

- increases the effectiveness of anti-aging products.

- gives a nice glow on the face.

This treatment really makes you feel 10 years younger and you will feel like you are flying all the way up under the clouds. The treatment includes everything you dream about a facial treatment should involve

  • THE SKIN IS ADDED MICELLAR WATER: The skin is cleansed with micellar water and added water lilies that soothe and prepare the skin for micro needles.
  • DERMAROLL IS USED: 540 tiny needles roll over your face and penetrate the skin to create circulation and blood supply in the area, that will remove stagnations that can give a loose expression on the face. The tissue is lifted slightly by this form of stimulation of the tissue. You will notice a small buzz and no pain.
  • MOISTURIZING FACE MASK AND MASSAGE: After micro needles, the skin is as ready clear as it can be a moisturizing face mask. The mask can now show its full potential and moisten your skin to make it soft as a baby’s bottom. While the mask penetrates the skin, you will receive 20-25 minutes massage of shoulders, arms and hands.
  • ARGAN SERUM IS MASSAGES INTO THE FACE: Argan oil, rich in regenerating vitamin E, is now massaged into the facial muscles and neck for 10-20 minutes. Vitamin E oil supports the natural production of cells in the skin, thus contributing to a healthier and more beautiful skin. 
  • FACE LOTION IS APPLIED: The face lotion is indispensable in a facial. It supports the serum and protects the skin from pathogens like smog and everyday stress and rush.
  • COOLING EYE GEL FRESH UP YOUR EYES UP: In order to complete this treatment in the best way, we apply a cooling eyelash that relieves swelling and loose skin. The eye gel freshen the skin around the eyes to a healthy and rejuvenating sensation throughout the body.

After the treatment you will get the dermaroll home for future use. So you can continue your wellness experience as often as you wish ... almost! The dermaroll must be used MAX 3 times a week. Advice on how to use this roll at home, while enjoying a cup of tea in our sofa.

Single treatment
  • 60 min. facial trreatment with dermaroller - 825,-