Polarity / healing massage

Polarity / healing massage

The art of balancing and stimulating a natural flow of energy/qi/prana in the body.

Polarity means the attraction and reunification of counter poles through a common center. The body can be compared to a battery or magnet where negative, positive and neutral ions carry energy through. The treatment thereby harmonizes the positive, negative and neutral electromagnetic energies by removing blockages within the client's magnetic field.


In order to maintain a healthy and strong body and psyche it is necessary for the energy to flow freely without blockages throughout the body. The treatment varies according to the technique needed for the client. Gentle pressures and deep pressures can be combined with calm and rolling movements, that help the body release stresses and motivate the tissue to allow space to get deeper into the energies. The treatment can also take place without pressure or touch at all. The treatment takes place on a table fully dressed in loosely relaxing clothes.



"As We Think - So We Are" - Quote Dr. Randolph Stone - Founder of Polarity Massage.

Based on Dr. Randolph Stone (1890-1981), polarity massage is a healing system that integrates massage, mindfulness, diet and exercise for a summary of well-being and healing experience. Based on the practical and philosophy of Ayurveda, the polarity massage is therapeutic and revitalizing for our energy flow in the body. Polarity massage is the belief that psyche and body are connected. Do we have negative thoughts about ourselves or respond negatively to our world - our physical body will suffer from it.

A polarity treatment will guide the body to greater self-understanding, self perception and acceptance of ourselves. This will motivate a more positive attitude towards oneself, others and life in general.


What can polarity massage treat?

As polarite massage is so deeply connected to mind, body and emotions, your therapist is fully dressed to treat a wide range of physical disorders from soreness and discomfort to the more psychological and emotional imbalances.


What can be expected during and or after treatment? 

  • The client can achieve total surrender and deep relaxation
  • Deep relaxation of the body and mind
  • Greater freedom of movement
  • Changes in breathing - it can get deeper, heavier, slower, faster
  • Changes in the nervous system
  • tics and gentle cramps may occur
  • Cold / heat exchanges
  • Forgotten memories can be awakened to life and can give different reactions in the form of crying, anger, joy, etc.
  • Gives you the feeling of ease and drop of burdens.

Ecotrips experienced and highly skilled therapist Daniel Wade offers along with a number of other treatments Polarity massage in Ecotrip.


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Single sessions

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  • 45 min - 500,-
  • 30 min - 375,- 

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