Relaxing and gentle treatment that gives you peace of mind and soul.

Do you need to gear down? So much to make you feel in a meditative state - you know where you are, you are present, but at the same time you are a completely different place that is absolutely wonderful and lovely. There is peace, far away from noise from streets and alleys, there is you ... and your therapist, who calmly and gentle lets you give in and let go.

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With a wellness massage, focus is on letting go of everyday life and giving in to wellness. It is a treatment where you are massaged with warm oil, that is applied to the body with long gentle strokes, that soften the muscles and leave you totally relaxed. If you feel it's needed, work can be done on some problem areas, but here's the focus on getting you to gear down.


Most often there will be extra much focus on face and scalp massage. Our brain is at high pressure and often we tend to wake up at night, or find it hard to fall asleep due to excessive thoughts. We make small memory lists for ourselves - because our bodies can not contain any more. It “forgets to remember.” Therefore, wellness massage is in focus, so the brain can turn off and get rest in order to handle our busy lives.


Single treatment:

Couples treatment:

  • 120 min - 1225,-
  • 90 min - 925,-
  • 60 min - 650,-
  • 45 min - 500,-
  • 30 min - 375,-
  • 120 min - 2350,-
  • 90 min - 1750,-
  • 60 min - 1200,-
  • 45 min - 950,-
  • 30 min - 700,-


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