While you wait



As you can read more about here here, we already offer a Prenatal Massage, however, if you are looking for the whole Preggo experience, we offer these two specialized and carefully considered treatments that are specifically desidned for mothers-to-be. 

While You Wait is designed for you, who want a relaxing treatment with extra focus on relieving pains, bodyaches, swelling and fatigue, which are all common problems during a pregnancy. 

The two treatmenst are 90 minutes of While You Wait, and 45 minutes of Preggo Foot Spa. Both treatment are specifically designed to help you feeling relaxed and refreshed once you leave the clinic again. While you Waiit is the all-over treatment, focusing on your body as a whole, whereas Preggo Foot Spa helps to remove common fluid retention in sore, puffy, and swollen, legs, ankles and feet.

With so many physical and mental changes taking place during pregnancy, it no wonder that you feel in need of a little pampering. It is okay to selfindulge, you are not doing the for yourself only, but for your baby as well. 

90 minutes of While you wait - Step by step
  1. 30 min footspa incl. a nice and thorough scrub of the feet and legs. Lymphatic drainage massage of feet and legs.
  2. 45 min prenatal massage with focus on your needs right now in your pregnancy.
  3. 15 min calming and rejuvenating scalp and face massage.
  • This is your direct route to Preggo Heaven, and it begins with 30 minutes of relaxing foot spa including a scrub and a manual lymphatic drainage massage. Especially the latter will help with removing fluid retention in swollen legs and feet, since your legs, ankles and feet are carrying a lot of pressure throughout your pregnancy. Therefore, it is very common to notice them feeling swollen and heavy, especially during your third trimester. 
  • Following the foot spa, your therapist will show you to one of our special massage tables with holes in the center of the table for your growing belly, so that you can lie comfortably face down during the massage part of the treatment. Here you will receive 45 minutes of prenatalmassage, customized to ease an aching body from carrying the extra wait during your pregnancy. 
  • The final step of your direct route to Preggo Heaven is 15 minutes of calming and rejuvenating face and scalp massage to complete your whole body experience, so you feel ready to face the rest of your pregnancy. 


45 minutes of Preggo Foot Spa - Step by step:
  1. 20 min footbath with calming aromatic oils
  2. footscrub with our organic and homemmade scrubs
  3. 15 min combined refelxology and lymphatic drainage massage.
  • To begin with, your therapist will ask you to take a seat in our cozy green couch with the colorful cushions. Here you will receive 20 minutes of foot bath, customized with a specific blend of essential oils that will help soothe and energize your tired, swollen legs and feet. 
  • Next, you will receive a footscrub, with one of our homemade and organic foot-scrubs. 
  • Finally, you will receive 15 minutes of combined reflexology and a manual lymphatic drainage massage, which will help with water retention as well as assisting in your body's natural detoxification processes. 


Both treatments are specifically designed to be tailored to the individual, and all our therapists are fully trained to deal with any stage of your pregnancy. When you are in the care of one of our therapists, he or she will ensure to accommodate what is best for you, so do not hesitate to ask your therapist if you wish to focus on some specific area or you would rather stand, sit, lie on your side during your treatment. 

We look forward to help ease your aching body, while you feel relaxed and pampered, because you and your baby deserve it!

  • 45 minutes of Preggo Foot Spa - 500,-
  • 90 minutes of While You Wait - 875,-