Aloe vera experience


A completely unique aloe vera treatment for the whole body, with vitamin rich and healing aloe vera.



Juli18 400 8 of 9Aloe vera, with its high content of nutrients, proteins, enzymes, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, is a marvel for the whole body. It's the gel or juice that comes from the center of the aloe vera plant's leaves that has the beneficial effect. It can eliminate both external and internal infections, bacteria, fungi, and viruses. The aloe vera has a myriad of health-giving properties, some of which are mentioned below.



Juli18 400 7 of 9Hydrates and heals the skin

The aloe vera gel has a soothing and healing effect on various skin irritations such as small wounds and burns, stings and eczema. Aloe vera adds extra moisture to the skin and is thus hydrating and contributes to skin elasticity and rejuvenation. The aloe vera is great as a soothing and rejuvenating skin care in the summer when the skin is often exposed to extra sun and wind. 

    Heals sunburn

It's known that aloe vera has a healing effect on sunburned skin. According to the brand Green People, there are studies that show that aloe vera can both completely heal sunburn and reduce the risk of sun-related skin cancer.

Juli18 400 6 of 9Hair and scalp

Aloe vera is moisturizing for the hair as well and it keeps it healthy and shiny. It heals eczema and soothes an itchy scalp.

Boosts the body's immune system and flexibility

Internally, aloe vera provides a boost to the immune system due to its high content of antioxidants. The plant also stimulates the white blood cells that inhibit viruses in the body. In addition, aloe vera can inhibit inflammation and therefore also pain and stiff joints.




  • 15 min. hot towel massage. As you land on the bench, hands and feet are massaged and scrubbed in a warm towel.

  • 45 min. body massage with fresh aloe vera oil and apricot kernel oil. Both are vitamin rich and have skin soothing properties. The massage can be a relaxing wellness massage or an in-depth massage focusing on your problem areas, according to your needs.

  • 15 min. facial and scalp massage. Hair and face are refreshed with a revitalizing aloe vera spray and you receive a lovely and soothing massage of your face and scalp.

  • Aloe vera shot. After the treatment, enjoy an aloe vera shot as a boost to your body's balance and health.

    Add 15 minutes of full body dry brushing before the treatment! Dry brushing of the entire body stimulates the blood circulation and makes the skin open and ready to receive and absorb the beneficial oil and aloe vera mix. Dry brushing is not recommended for sunburned skin.

    Note that aloe vera shot is not recommended for pregnant women. We will offer you a carrot and ginger shot instead. 

Aloe vera experience

      • 75 min. - 855,-
      • Add-on of dry brushing 15 min. - 175,-