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Vitamin body boosterVitamins are essential for our body, mind and psyche to work optimally. However, many people do not know that the body can not produce vitamins themselves, but should be added to the body trough diet or applied directly to the skin.

We have put together a treatment where we add healthy and nutritious vitamins to a healthy and happy body.

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Tørbørstning 400The treatment consists of:

  1. Thorough drybrushing of the whole body.
  2. 45 minute full body massage with vitamin-containing oils specially designed by the Ecotrip team.
  3. 15 min. organic facial treatment.

Dry brushing of the body:

Our skin is the largest organ in the body and is designed to protect us from toxins and to cleanse the same. The skin is exposed to toxins via contaminated air, but also lotions we apply it daily which can clog the pores in the skin and the segregation is thereby impaired. Dry brushing stimulates the connective tissue of the skin to release these accumulation which can be excreted. When the body is then added vitamin-containing oils, the absorption of vitamins is optimized.

Dry brushing is amazing. It opens up to blocked pores to allow the skin to breathe again. It rejuvenates, revitalises and gives a healthier look.

Massage with vitamin-containing oils:

After dry brushing, the body is as ready as it can be to be add vitamin-rich oils. The oils are thoroughly massaged into the skin, while the muscles are warm and soft. Blood circulation is increased so the vitamins can reach as wide a range as possible. For 45 minutes your body is spoiled and kneaded through by our skilled masseurs.

Our specially formulated oils contain: Jojoba-, Apricot-, Argan-, Olive-, Sesame-, and Almond Oil.

If you want the massage to focus on a specific area, just ask your masseur about this.

Facial Treatment:

In the end of the treatment, your face is pampered with A-, E- and C-vitamin products. We begin to prepare the skin with rose water and clean it with a mild face scrub. Vitamin E containing argan serum is thoroughly massaged into the skin, which hereafter applies a vitamin C-based day cream. The eye area are added A-vitamin cream. For 15 minutes, your face will be pampered with gentle massage that sends you into heaven.


Jojoba oil: Good source of vitamin A and E. Jojoba oil is good for all skin types, but especially for irritated or pimpled skin, as it works antibacterial. Jojoba oil protects the skin from sunlight according to SPF 4. 

Apricot kernel oil: Contains a high proportion of vitamin A and C. Apricot kernel oil regulates the moisture of the skin and is preferably used for the treatment of signs of aging, dry, tender and sensitive skin. It is soothing to irritation and inflammation of the skin and also penetrates rapidly into the skin. 

Argan oil: Argan oil is the queen of all oils. It has the richest vitamin E content and helps the skin maintain balance while it's intensely firming. Argan oil is moisturizing, increases blood circulation, helps against scars and damaged skin and reduces stretch marks. Argan oil is a very popular anti-aging oil. 

Olive oil: Olive oil is extremely moisturizing and good against dry and delicate skin. It contains natural minerals that nourish the skin. Olive oil is full of vitamin A and E and therefore acts as an antioxidant on the skin. Olive oil protects the skin corresponding to SPF 2-8. 

Sesame oil: Sesame oil is often used in ayurvedic medicine and massage and is an oil, that is suitable for all skin types. It is rich in antioxidants, on vitamins A, E and B, and can be used with advantage against psoriasis and eczema. Sesame oil has a tightening effect on the facial skin. It is also applied to stressed, scarred and dry skin, as it is nourishing, has a detoxifying effect and stimulates the skin to generate new skin cells. In addition, it prevents premature aging of the skin. Sesame oil protects the skin according to SPF 4. When sesame oil is used as a massage oil, blood circulation is stimulated. 

Almond oil: Almond oil is a half-rich oil suitable for dry, hypersensitive, irritated or inflamed skin. It is especially good to use on dry winter skin, as it gives a lively glow due to the vitamin A and vitamin E content. Likewise, it can be advantageously used in the treatment of allergic skin reactions. Almond oil protects the skin according to SPF 5.  


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75 min. Vitamin body boost:

  • Single treatment: 800,-



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